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Himalayan country Nepal is a small country surrounded by India and China.

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 However, shipping is the most important subject when you are importing goods from us to

The destination. The following information helps you to choose the best service that you need.


  1. Courier Service:-

– FedEx, DHL, TNT, Aramid, UPS, USPS, Skynet, etc. are this service’s carriers.

– It will take 3 to 7 business days to deliver to your doorstep by these services on different modes like express mode or economy mode, which slightly differ in cost. You could use the express or economy method when you have a small order, valuable items, samples, or urgent and time concern items. This service is comparatively more expensive than any other delivery service. Here courier service acts as your customs agent, releases the shipment, and delivers it to your doorstep per the time frame. If customs duties apply to your order, then they will

Notify you of those charges and let you know how to pay them.


  1. Air Freight:-

Another popular shipping service we provide to our Customers is Air Freight. Air freight is rational, cost-effective, and on-time Delivery service in all parts of the world. When you have bulk purchases above 45 kg, you can provide this service, but it will be rationally worth it if your Package is 100 kg+. Shipping cost usually becomes less every 300 kg+, 500 kg +, 1000 kg +, and so on. It means that the higher the weight, the shipping cost per kg will decline. This service also complies with the greater Volumetric or Actual weight. Universal volumetric weight determines the formula for Airfreight Service: (Length cm X Width cm X Height cm)/6000 = total Volumetric Weight (kg). Sometimes, your volumetric and actual weight might be according to the nature of the goods you purchase. This service only provides delivery service to the nearest airport (a reference to customer address or recommendation), so once the Package arrives, the receiver or their custom handling agent should do the customs clearance process and collect the goods. We will be helpful and can coordinate indeed from our side.


  1. EMS or Register Postal Service

Generally, EMS and Government Postal Service are other options for sending parcels to the destination. They are typically delivered in 1-4 weeks according to the destination (might be at your doorstep, as it is a government service, it works as country varies). Usually can send the sample in a small parcel of less than 20 kg to reduce the shipping cost. Generally, we can use it for sending small packages which are not hurried to minimize shipping costs.


4 Land Sea cargo:-

As Nepal is a land lock country, land-sea cargo might take 40 to 75 days after dispatch from Kathmandu. It is practical by destination, climate, geographical variation, etc. Sea Cargo calculates the load by CBM. It doesn’t keep concerned about the weight of the Package, but it is concerned with the size of the Package. How to Calculate Cubic Meters (CBM) (Length cm X Width cm X Height cm)/10, 00,000 = Total CBM Cubic Meters, so you could have a minimum of 2 CBM to use this service.

There are two sizes of containers commonly available and in practice from Nepal.


  1. 20ft container approximately 27-28 CBM
  2. 40ft container about 56-58 CBM

Land Sea cargo also delivers the vassal or package to the nearest destination port. The receiving party should do the customs clearance process and collection of goods with the help of the customs agent. I hope the above information helps you to know about delivery and shipping procedures. After you submit your product purchase list, we will send you an email, including an estimated shipping cost, shipping dates, and so on. We will fully coordinate with you in any regard that falls under shipping procedures from Nepal. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email us. We will be here for your service.


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